Substance Abuse Treatment

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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment services offered in Ellicott City, MD

Many people struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) and find it challenging to quit without professional help. At NugaHealth Primary Care in Ellicott City, Maryland, Omobolanle Adenuga, FNP-BC, understands the challenges you face with opioids or other substances. She provides customized substance abuse treatment that guides you through recovery comfortably and effectively. Call the office or book an appointment online today. Same-day appointments are available.

What is substance abuse treatment?

Substance abuse treatment is medical care that helps you break the cycle of drug or alcohol dependency. At NugaHealth Primary Care, you can get the special help you need from Omobolanle, the same trustworthy provider you can see for all your general health needs. 

What are the signs that I might need substance abuse treatment?

The signs of substance use disorder can vary by person, but some common indicators that it’s time to seek help include: 

  • Increasing substance use
  • Withdrawal effects like nausea, cramps, and sweating if you don’t use the substance
  • Using the substance more often than you intend to
  • Going to great lengths to get the substance
  • Substance-related problems in your personal relationships 
  • Substance-related problems with work

If you’re at the point where you recognize there might be a problem with your substance use, it’s the ideal time to reach out to Omobolanle at NugaHealth Primary Care to learn how she can help you. Omobolanle is a compassionate health care provider who empathizes with your condition. 

What does substance abuse treatment involve?

Substance abuse treatment is different for each person. Omobolanle considers the substance involved, your habits, your medical history, and your overall health as she designs a recovery plan that suits your needs. 

One of the most popular approaches for opioid dependency and alcohol dependency is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). With this approach, Omobolanle prescribes a medication that essentially blocks the “high” effects of the substance (the euphoria and sedative effects). 

MAT can reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and help you overcome drug or alcohol dependency more comfortably. Omobolanle tailors your dosage and helps you gradually decrease or stop dosage at the appropriate time. 

Most people continue MAT for 12 weeks or longer. However, some patients may need to continue this treatment long-term. You’ll visit the office regularly for medication monitoring and support so you can recover successfully. 

If you depend on opioids, alcohol, or other substances to get through the day, substance abuse treatment can offer you healing and a path towards a brighter future. Call NugaHealth Primary Care or book an appointment online today.